Communications Committee

Chair: Dr. Jagbir Gill

Co-Chair: Dr. Jeffrey Schiff

Jillian Barrott
Carole Chatalalsingh
Jackson Wong
Rahul Mainra

The primary purpose of the Communications committee is to facilitate communication between the membership and Board of the CST and between member groups within the society.

The committee has the responsibility to maintain effective communication with members of the Society, accessibility to the Society leadership and transparency with regard to internal process. Specific mandates include:

  1. Redesign and development of the CST Website, including improvement of general website functionality and design based on member feedback, development of website resources targeted to CST Groups and Committees, and the public access porta, and identifying content needs and working with interested stakeholders to develop and update content for the  website.
  2. Ensuring transparency of decision-making and policy. This includes organization and posting of CST policy, governance/organization structure, Board decisions, strategic planning, meeting minutes and other relevant documents with appropriately assigned permission to members via the website; and will require direct interaction with the CST Secretariat to establish procedures to keep this information current.
  3. Developing a communication strategy for members. This includes timely submission to the Board of a plan & timeline to update the website, as well as plans to develop other media (print, email, etc) to improve communication and feedback from members. These media must promote the CST brand in accordance with the Mission/Vision statement of the Society.
  4. To develop content with interested stakeholders specifically for lay public access to information about organ donation and transplantation, and links to public resources. Requests from media, government and non-governmental organizations are excluded and remain the responsibility of the CST Executive.