Ethics Committee

Chair: Vanessa Gruben

Co-Chair: TBD


Jed Gross

Aviva Goldberg

Stephanie Chartier-Plante

Ramesh Prasad

Samantha Anthony

Justin Gill

Marie-Chantal Fortin

Do you go to work every day trying to do the right thing for your patients, your transplant program and your society? Do issues of fairness, justice and compassion keep you up at night? Do you enjoy discussing not only the ‘how’ of transplantation, but the ‘why’? If so, the CST Ethics Committee needs you! The CST Ethics Committee advises the board on matters relating to biomedical ethics in the field of organ donation, clinical transplantation, transplantation research health policy and Canadian policy.

We are responsible for developing public policy statements on ethical issues related to transplantation in Canada, developing and chairing an annual ethics symposium at the Annual Scientific Meeting, and promoting discussion and presentation of philosophical and empirical research in transplant ethics in Canada. We need members in order to work on these important issues and help the CST in its goal of becoming the voice of transplantation in Canada. We meet by teleconference quarterly and by email.