Standards (CSA) Committee

Chair: Ms. Lisa Zoeteman

Co-Chair: Dr. Jackson Wong


Rahul Mainra 

Ron Moore

Carey Beninger


Advancement of national standards in support of safe, ethical, and effective organ donation and clinical transplantation in Canada is the overriding goal of the Standards Committee. The Committee provides an interdisciplinary forum for discussion, collaboration, and decision-making related to standards development. Committee Chairs act as representatives of the CST on the Canadian Standards Association Technical Committee for the Safety of Cells, Tissues, and Organs for Transplantation and the Perfusable Organs for Transplantation Sub-Committee. Using established processes with the Canadian Standards Association, the work involved may include modification of existing standards, expanding the scope of existing standards, or development of new standards. The Committee is the principal advisor to the Board on issues related to standards in the field of organ donation and transplantation in Canada and work collaboratively with the CST Board to identify strategic priorities for the Society in regards to standards development.