Pharmacist Group

Chair: Dominique Khoo

Mission & Vision

To provide leadership and a collaborative forum for the advancement of pharmacist clinical practice in transplantation and pharmacist-led research and education.


  1. To provide a forum for pharmacists to share experiences and best practices in the area of solid organ transplantation.
  2. To promote continuing education in the area of solid organ transplantation.
  3. To promote pharmacist-led research in the area of solid organ transplantation.
  4. To create standards and resources for the provision of medication teaching of solid organ transplant patients in Canada.
  5. To provide resources and expertise for CST on pharmacy and drug-related issues in transplantation and to collaborate with other Special Interest Groups of CST in areas of common interest wherever possible.
  6. To prepare an annual report for the CST Executive detailing the activities of the group.


  • Composed of Pharmacists whose clinical activities or research is related to solid organ transplantation.
  • Members of the Pharmacist Group must be full or associate members in good standing with the CST, however there is no additional fee to join the Pharmacy Special Interest Group.
  • Surgery and nephrology trainees with an interest in kidney transplantation.
  • Members must provide their contact information to be included in the directory.

Become a member of the CST Pharmacist Group:

1. If you are an existing CST Member, login to your CST Profile and update your CST Group preferences by selecting Pharmacist or send an email  to be added as a member of the Pharmacist Group