• CST-T3 Competition
    • Top Finalist - Holly Mansell
    • Second and Third Finalists - Seychelle Yohanna; Shaifali Sandal


  • TTS-CST International Transplantation Science Mentee-Mentor Award
    • Mentee: Adam Ibrahim, Canada - Mentor: Lori West, Canada
    • Mentee: Samrat Ray, Canada - Mentor: Trevor Reichman, Canada


CST Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Heather Ross

Awarded to a well established transplant physician surgeon or scientist for their internationally recognized work in the field of transplantation and participation in the development of transplantation activities in Canada.

Dr. Joel D. Cooper Lung Transplantation Award

Dr. Marcelo Cypel

To recognize a lung transplant professional who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of lung transplantation in Canada either through innovation, outstanding clinical care, or scientific achievement.

CST Research Excellence Award

Dr. Tereza Martinu

In recognition of research achievement and excellence in the field of transplantation.

CST Education and Teaching Excellence Award 

Dr. Justin Weinkauf

In recognition of exemplary commitment to the CST mission through excellence in teaching and educational program development, as part of the care of Canadian organ transplant patients.

CST Excellence in Leadership Award

Dr. Tom Blydt-Hansen

To recognize demonstrated exemplary commitment to the CST mission through excellence in leadership benefiting Canadian organ transplant patients.


CST-T3 Competition

Holly Mansell

Title: Patient-centered video education to facilitate shared decision-making about deceased donor kidneys

Seychelle Yohanna

Title: Breaking the Rules to Increase Pre-emptive Transplants: A Quality Improvement Project to Radically Redesign the Transplant Referral Process

Shaifali Sandal

Title: Transforming living donor recruitment, evaluation, and care by integrating family physicians: Because living donors don’t have specialists

CST Pediatric Group, Pediatric Transplant Trainee Research

Best Paediatric Transplant Abstract, Clinical Science 
Christopher Buckland

Title: Do virtual health appointments impact travel-related greenhouse gas emissions in solid organ transplant patients?

Best Paediatric Transplant Abstract, Basic Science 
Ibrahim Adam

Title: Natural vs induced ABO antibodies in a murine model: Role of sex and T cells


 CST Research Training Awards

Allen Duong

Title: CST will identify the research project using the project title. For this reason, applicants cannot edit their project title once the application is submitted.

Kumi Mesaki

Title: CRISPR-Cas-based gene therapy to optimize donor organs for lung transplantation

Sofia Farkona

Title: How does anti-Human Leukocyte antigen class I antibody signal in human glomerular endothelial cells to increase LGALS1 expression 


Top Abstract Awards

Christie Rampersad

Title: Association of BKV viremia/nephropathy and adverse alloimmune outcomes in kidney transplant recipients

Imane Kaci

Title: Apoptotic exosome-like vesicles mediate immune response dysregulation and kidney dysfunction following ischemia-reperfusion injury

Jack Beadle

Title: Discovery, validation and application of antibody-mediated rejection transcripts in a continuous retrospective cohort or kidney transplant biopsies


Top Lay Summaries

Jessie Hallett

Title: Canadian community pharmacists' management of solid organ transplant recipients: a survey-based characterization of confidence and care roles

Princess Okoh

Title: Stigma as a potential barrier to living donor kidney transplant (LDKT) for African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) patients in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Rabindra Bhattacharjee

Title: Development of a simulated ischemia reperfusion injury model to study donor kidney preservation at 22°C