• CST-T3 Competition
    • Top Finalist - Sunita Singh
    • Second and Third Finalists - Elizabeth Hendren; Nazia Selzner


  • TTS-CST International Transplantation Science Mentee-Mentor Award
    • Mentee: Adam Ibrahim, Canada - Mentor: Lori West, Canada
    • Mentee: Samrat Ray, Canada - Mentor: Trevor Reichman, Canada


CST Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Ron Moore

Awarded to a well established transplant physician surgeon or scientist for their internationally recognized work in the field of transplantation and participation in the development of transplantation activities in Canada.

Dr. Joel D. Cooper Lung Transplantation Award

Dr. Darren Freed

To recognize a lung transplant professional who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of lung transplantation in Canada either through innovation, outstanding clinical care, or scientific achievement.

CST Research Excellence Award

Dr. Lakshman Gunaratnam

In recognition of research achievement and excellence in the field of transplantation.

CST Education and Teaching Excellence Award 

Ms. Jennifer Harrison

In recognition of exemplary commitment to the CST mission through excellence in teaching and educational program development, as part of the care of Canadian organ transplant patients.

CST Excellence in Leadership Award

Dr. Steve Paraskevas

To recognize demonstrated exemplary commitment to the CST mission through excellence in leadership benefiting Canadian organ transplant patients.

CST Clinician Recognition Award

Dr. Sandra Cockfield

To recognize demonstrated exemplary commitment to the CST mission through excellence in front-line clinical innovation and program development, humanitarianism, and/or education as part of the direct care of Canadian organ transplant patients.

CST-T3 Competition

Sunita Singh

Title: Just a Click Away:  Assessment of an Online Portal for Long-Term Follow-Up of Living Kidney Donors

Elizabeth Hendren

Title: Knowledge is Power: Expedited communication of the likelihood and waiting time for deceased donor kidney transplantation

Nazia Selzner

Title: Long-term outcomes of Living liver donor

CST Pediatric Group, Pediatric Transplant Trainee Research

Best Pediatric Transplant Abstract, Clinical Science 

Ella Chan

Title: Serial Urinary CXCL10 Monitoring to Identify Varied Sources of Allograft Inflammation and Indicate Biopsy for Subclinical Rejection

Best Pediatric Transplant Abstract, Basic Science 

Yasuyuki Kobayashi

Title: Impact of Hemoglobin Level in Ex vivo Heart Perfusion on Donation after Circulatory Death Hearts: A Juvenile Porcine Experimental Model


CST Research Training Awards

Sarah Colpitts

Title: Characterizing the role of ILCs in supporting islet function and tolerance

Hyunyun Kim

Title: Importance of microvascular stress pathways in renal dysfunction caused by ischemiareperfusion injury: role of apoptosis, necroptosis, and autophagy

Christie Rampersad

Title: Better Decisions for Better Outcomes from Deceased Donor Kidneys


Top Abstract Awards

Kieran Manion

Title: Unbiased Proteomics Analysis Reveals Distinct Graft Protein Expression in DSA+ Kidney Transplant Recipients with and without Antibody-Mediated Rejection

Melissa Phuong

Title: A Summary of Pre-Solid Organ Transplant Screening at Canadian Transplant Sites

Saba Saleem

Title: Environmental Performance of Kidney Replacement Therapies: Comparative Lifecycle Assessment of Kidney Transplantation and Dialysis


CST-CDTRP Top Lay Summaries

Mariana Leung

Title: Pre-transplant Multidisciplinary Assessment on Medication Adherence and Transplant Outcomes (PLATO)

Marie-Chantal Fortin 

Title: The Impact of a Platform Sharing Creative Writing by Kidney Transplant Patients, Transplant Candidates and Living Donors: A Mixed Methods Study

Lucas Streith/Peter Kim

Title: Daytime Transplants: An Effective Province-wide Quality Improvement Project to Improve Outcomes


Clinical and Translational Research Awards in Transplant Infectious Diseases

Hanna Mitchell

Title: Optimizing vaccine uptake after pediatric solid organ transplant (clinical research)

Sasan Hosseini 

Title: Epidemiology and Trends of Drug-resistant Invasive Fungal Infection in Recipients of Organ Allografts: Ontario Population-based Cohort from 2011 to 2022


NAHP Top Abstract Award 

Brooke Stewart

Title:Relationship between nutrition risk and frailty in candidates for lung transplant