Education Committee

Chair: Azim Gangji

Co-Chairs: Jeffrey Schiff

Co-Chairs: Jag Gill


Eric Yoshida

Jeffrey Warren

Jenny Wichart

Julie Strong

Karen Doucette

Kathryn Armstrong

Mike Moser

Rahul Mainra

Rohan John

Trana Hussaini

The Education Committee is a standing committee that reports to CST Board. The goals are: (a) to provide leadership in the continuing professional development of CST members and (b) to promote and expand education of health care professionals engaged in the field of transplantation and the public. The committee is responsible for the curriculum and scientific program for the CST Research Fellow in Training Symposium (FITS). It is also responsible for the joint CST/TTS webinars. The membership includes regional and subspecialty representation, and includes both medical, allied health and scientist members. Teleconferences are held at least six times per year and an annual meeting at the CST.

TTS-CST School Education Project