Pediatric Group

Chair: Dr. Lorraine Hamiwka 

All members of the CST Pediatric Group Executive are elected directly by the membership. The principal role of the Executive is to set the strategic direction for the CST Pediatric Group. The Executive organizes an annual CST Pediatric Group dinner and educational meeting. They also administer awards for best abstracts submitted by paediatric transplant trainees to the CST annual meeting and they administer bursaries for allied health personnel wishing to attend the annual CST meeting. The Executive conducts the business of the group and is responsible for the fiscal health of the group. The Executive is accountable to the paediatric membership and seeks the input of membership on diverse issues such as public policy, major strategic initiatives, and nominations to committees as CST pediatric group representatives.

CST Pediatric Group Executive

CHAIR                                                                         SECRETARY/TREASURER

Lorraine A. Hamiwka, MD, FRCPC                           Jason Yap, BHB, MBChB FRACP

Alberta Children’s Hospital, Calgary                       Stollery Children’s Hospital, Edmonton






Yaron Avitzur, MD                                                      Michel Lallier, MD

The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto                  Chu Sainte-Justine, Montreal


Allison Carroll, MD, FRCPC                                        Jenny Wichart, BScPharm, ACPR (Allied Health)

Stollery Children’s Hospital, Edmonton                   Alberta Children’s Hospital, Calgary


Past Chairs                                                                     Past Secretary/Treasurer

Dr. Aviva Goldberg (Winnipeg)   2015-2017              Dr. Lorraine Hamiwka (Calgary)  2015-2017

Dr. Susan Samuel (Calgary)         2013-2015              Dr. Patricia Birk (Winnipeg)         2013-2015

Dr. Veronique Phan (Montreal)    2011-2013



  • Membership shall be comprised of health-care professionals who are members in good standing of the Canadian Society of Transplantation.
  • Physicians, allied health professionals, scientists and trainees from across Canada with an interest in pediatric transplantation.

Become a member of the Pediatric Group of the CST:

1. If you are an existing CST Member, login to your CST Profile and update your CST Group preferences by selecting Pediatric or send an email  to be added as a member of the Pediatric Group

2. If you are a non-CST Member, Join the CST and upon registration indicate that you wish to be a member of the Pediatric Group.

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