Research Committee

Chair: Dr. Sunita Mathur

Todd Fairhead
Jagbir Gill
Joseph Kim
Rahul Mainra
Holly Mansell
Bethany Foster
Kyla Naylor
Caren Rose
Markus Selzner
Nazia Selzner

The main purpose of the Research Committee is to determine the best ways to promote Canadian research in organ donation and transplantation, in Canada and internationally. Thus, the Research Committee advises the Board on matters related to the advancement of basic, clinical and translational research in organ donation and transplantation as well as in the interest of Society member scientists and clinicians, and the public it serves. The Research Committee also advises the Annual Scientific Meeting Committee and makes recommendations to achieve an appropriate balance of basic, translational and clinical research in the scientific program, and showcase discovery and innovation by Canadian researchers and scientists. In addition, the Research Committee prepares a report with recommendations to the Board on actions the Society can take to establish a collaborative Canadian transplantation research network that will be transformative for Canadian researchers and scientists. This may include steps toward development of an inventory of active basic, clinical and translational research programs, technical platforms, clinical databases and sample repositories for Canadian investigators in organ donation and transplantation. Finally, the Research Committee identifies mentorship opportunities and develops mentorship programs targeted at trainees and junior faculty who are pursuing careers in organ donation and transplantation research.