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The financial hardships associated with living organ donation still remain to be a major disincentive for many donors. Although there are initiatives and programs to compensate for some out-of-pocket expenses, most employers haven't established policies to provide coverage for lost wages. CST's Living Donor Circle of Excellence in collaboration with the American Society of Transplantation aims to eliminate the financial costs of living organ donation by recognizing companies who support living donation through providing lost wages. For more information on becoming a member of CST's Circle of Excellence, or a Supporting Partner, please contact Rob Gallaher, Executive Director, at: .

Are you an organ donor who received support from your employer? We would like to hear your story, contact us at

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Founding Partner

The Founding Partner of CST’s Living Donor Circle of Excellence program is the American Society of Transplantation (AST). Without the instrumental inspiration and support provided by AST, the creation and implementation of this program wouldn’t have been possible. The CST looks forward to a successful partnership for years to come.

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Supporting Partner

A Supporting Partner of the Living Donor Circle of Excellence program provides monetary or in-kind support to ensure the sustainability of the program. The ongoing commitment of a Supporting Partner enables the CST to meet program goals, while contributing to increased recruitment efforts.

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Members are organizations that understand the importance of implementing policies to financially support an employee recovering from donating an organ. These organizations have committed to adhering to guidelines that provide this support to encourage those considering the altruistic act of living organ donation.

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