Canadian Lung Transplant Network

Chair: Dr. Roland Nador

Co-Chair: Dr. Aman Sidhu

The purpose of the Canadian Lung Transplant Network is to advance the practice of lung transplantation in Canada through:

  1. Bringing together the membership of lung transplant programs in Canada.
  2. Promotion of lung transplantation to the profession, government, and the public.
  3. Providing leadership in developing best practices in lung transplantation (e.g. lung donor management/organ allocation/listing criteria/organ sharing). Some of the mechanisms by which this will be done is through the setting of guidelines, standard protocols, and the promotion of formal policies. 
  4. Advocacy for patients who require or have undergone lung transplantation.
  5. Development and support of a national transplant organization and database.
  6. Promoting professional development of transplant professionals through development of fellowship programs, guest speakers, and other educational programs.
  7. Promoting research into all aspects of lung transplantation.

To this end, health care professionals who have an interest in lung transplantation in children and adults will work together to discuss and address issues important to this purpose, which shall include clinical, research, educational, ethical and social/advocacy issues relating to transplantation.


  • Physicians, allied health professionals, scientists and trainees from across Canada with an interest in lung transplantation.
  • Members should also be members in good standing of the Canadian Society of Transplantation.

Become a member of the Canadian Lung Transplant Network:

1. If you are an existing CST Member, login to your CST Profile and update your CST Group preferences by selecting Lung or send an email  to be added as a member of the Lung Transplant Network.

2. If you are a non-CST Member, Join the CST and upon registration indicate that you wish to be a member of the Lung Transplant Network.