Grants & Awards Committee

Chair: Dr. Olwyn Johnston

Co-Chair: Dr. Carlos Cervera


Dr. Aviva Goldberg, pediatric nephrologist, Winnipeg

Cindy Luo, transplant pharmD, Vancouver

Dr. James Lan, transplant nephrologist and immunologist, Vancouver

Dr. Jean Tchervenkov, transplant Surgeon, Montreal

Dr. Ngan Lam, transplant nephrologist and clinical researcher, Edmonton

Dr. Ron Moore, transplant urologist, Edmonton

Dr. Kieran Halloran, transplant respirologist


The Grants and Award Committee advises the Board on matters relating to providing various forms of recognition and financial support to CST members, trainee members and other qualified candidates, typically through competitive processes. The committee helps to organize competitions, review and rank applications via consensus, and dispense awards according to the terms and conditions determined by the Board.

Current awards recommended by the Grants and Awards Committee include the Lifetime Achievement Award, Research Excellence Award, Clinician Recognition Award, and Transplant Fellowship. The committee meets by teleconference about four times per year. CST members are welcome to express their interest in participating in this "rewarding" committee experience.