Board of Directors

Board_Headshots/JosephKim2020S. Joseph Kim

Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON

Dr. S. Joseph Kim is a staff nephrologist in the Division of Nephrology and Director of the Kidney Transplant Program at the Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network. He is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine and the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. He is the Past President of the Canadian Organ Replacement Register Board of Directors, Chair of the Information System Advisory Committee at Canadian Blood Services, Vice-Chair of the Data Advisory Committee at the U.S. Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, and the Associate Head of the Kidney, Dialysis and Transplantation program at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences. Dr. Kim completed medical school, internal medicine residency, chief medical residency, and fellowships in nephrology and kidney transplantation at the University of Toronto. In 2008, he completed a PhD in epidemiology and a Masters in biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. In 2020, Dr. Kim received his MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. His research interests are in the areas of access to and outcomes of kidney transplantation using data from both centre- and population-based cohorts. His methodological interests include survival analysis and statistical models for causal inference.

JSchiff.jpegJeffrey Schiff
Vice President

Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network
Toronto, ON

Dr. Jeffrey Schiff completed his medical school, Internal Medicine and Nephrology training at McGill University, followed by a fellowship in kidney and pancreas transplantation at McGill University Health Centre and Hôpital Notre-Dame. In 2004, he joined the Division of Nephrology and the Multi-Organ Transplant Program at the Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network (UHN).  He is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Schiff is a member of the Kidney Transplant Program and Medical Director of the Pancreas and Islet Transplant Program at UHN. He co-led the development of the renal transplant desensitization program and championed a system to improve the transfer of renal transplant recipients from the Pediatric Academic Multi-Organ Transplant Program at the Hospital for Sick Children to UHN. He has also worked with other organizations that play a role in transplant including Canadian Blood Services as the chair of the Pancreas/Islets Data Working Group and member of the Organ Donation and Transplantation Expert Advisory Committee and Information System Advisory Committee; Trillium Gift of Life Network; and the Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network in developing guidelines for the use of IVIg in transplant recipients.

Dr. Schiff is also extensively involved in transplant education. He is currently the Program Director for Adult Nephrology as well as Director of the Kidney and Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Fellowship at the University of Toronto, as well as having developed web-based educational resources in transplantation that are available free to all.

Aviva GoldbergAviva

University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB

Dr. Aviva Goldberg is Section Head of Nephrology in the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health and Associate Dean, UGME Student Affairs, Max Rady College of Medicine in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Dr. Goldberg received her MD from the University of Calgary, then went on to pediatric residency and completed part of her nephrology fellowship in Winnipeg.  She completed her nephrology fellowship with transplant focus at the Feinberg School of Medicine (Northwestern University, Chicago, IL) where she also completed a clinical fellowship in Bioethics and Medical Humanities in 2006.  In 2007 she was also awarded a Masters of Arts in Bioethics and Health Policy from Loyola University Chicago.

Dr. Goldberg is a director of the Canadian Society of Transplantation, co-director of the Professionalism program in the Undergraduate Medical Education department at the Max Rady College of Medicine.  She has published and lectured nationally and internationally on ethics, health policy and medical humanities subjects in transplantation, ethics and pediatrics.   She is a member of the International Pediatric Transplant Association ethics committee, and the ethics committees of Canadian Blood Services and the American Society of Pediatric Nephrology.  She recently co-edited the book Ethical Issues in Pediatric Organ Transplantation, the first book solely on pediatric transplant ethics.  She was awarded the 2018 Canadian Association of Medical Education’s Certificate of Merit.

JagJagbir Gill

University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC

Dr. Gill obtained his medical degree from UBC in 2001 and completed his internal medicine and nephrology training at UBC in Vancouver before completing a KRESCENT (Kidney Research Scientist Core Education and National Training) program funded clinical research fellowship at UCLA and Harvard University.  He completed his Masters in Public Health at Harvard in 2009 and returned to Vancouver to join the Division of Nephrology as a clinician scientist and transplant nephrologist at St. Paul’s Hospital

Dr. Gill is a researcher with the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcomes Sciences at UBC. He has extensively published original clinical epidemiological and health services research in high impact journals in the fields of organ donation and transplantation, with an emphasis on issues relating to transplant tourism, transplantation in the elderly, delayed graft function, and racial and socioeconomic disparities in donation and transplantation. Dr. Gill also holds a number of important international, national, and provincial leadership roles, currently serving as Councilor on the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group, Vice President of the Canadian Organ Replacement Register, and Medical Director of Data and Quality for BC Transplant.  

He has served the Canadian Society of Transplantation as Chair of the Annual Scientific Committee Meeting and Chair of the Communications committee, and is currently an active member of the Research Committee and the CST Fellows Symposium Planning Committee. 

Michael Mengel HeadshotMichael Mengel
Past President

Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology
University of Alberta

Dr Mengel is Chair and Medical Director for Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the University of Alberta and with Alberta Public Laboratories in Edmonton, Canada. As a sub-specialized Transplantation and Renal Pathologist, Dr. Mengel is engaged in various international sub-specialty societies related to nephropathology and organ transplantation: past Chair Transplant Diagnostics Community of Practice in the American Society of Transplantation; Board member International Banff Foundation for Allograft Pathology; President of the Canadian Society of Transplantation; Board member with the Renal Pathology Society.

He studied medicine at the Semmelweiss University in Budapest, Hungary before going on to specialise in pathology and further in transplantation pathology and nephropathology. Before moving to Edmonton provided transplant pathology service at the Hannover Medical School, Germany. Dr. Mengel has published widely in his field and his current work is focused on applying molecular techniques to biopsy specimens, with the aim to increase diagnostic precision in organ transplantation.

azimAzim Gangji

McMaster University
Hamilton, ON

Dr. Azim Gangji is a Professor of Medicine, McMaster University and is a transplant nephrologist at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Dr. Gangji completed his undergraduate and postgraduate medical training at McMaster University and completed a MSc in Health Research Methodology. Dr. Gangji’s academic interests are in the area of education. In UGME, he is a Clerkship Director at McMaster University.  In PGME, Dr. Gangji is the Program Director of the Nephrology Training Program and the Fellowship Director of the AST/RCPSC Area of Focus in Solid Organ Transplantation at McMaster University. Dr. Gangji is also actively involved in the promotion and delivery of education in global health settings including Guyana and Uganda. He regularly provides renal care in Guyana, including the development of a renal transplant program.    

Dr. Gangji has also developed an innovative case-based learning format for Internal Medicine Residents which has been recognized nationally by the Royal College.  He has also developed distinctive education programs in promoting inter-professional collaboration and education in patient care settings. Recently he has collaborated in developing a unique curriculum incorporating palliative care and serious illness conversations in nephrology and transplant training.

Dr. Gangji is the current chair of the CST Education Committee and co-chair of the CST Fellows Symposium. Dr. Gangji is also a member of the RCPSC Area of Focus Accreditation Committee and National Program Directors Advisory Board.

BFoster.jpegBethany Foster

McGill University
Montreal, QC

Dr. Bethany Foster is a Pediatric Nephrologist and Clinical Epidemiologist and an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at McGill University. She commits about 70% of her time to research activities, 25% to clinical care, and the remaining time to teaching. Her primary research interest is in the long term outcomes of children and young adults with kidney transplants. Dr. Foster’s research focuses in particular on adolescent and young adult kidney transplant recipients, whom she has identified to be at particularly high risk of graft loss. Graft losses in this interval are often due to poor adherence to immunosuppressive medication related to developmental stage and possibly to the changes in care practices associated with transfer from pediatric to adult-oriented care. Recently, she has extended her studies of young transplant recipients to heart and liver recipients.

Dr. Foster is currently leading a multi-centre study funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health to test an intervention to improve medication adherence among 11 to 24 year-old kidney transplant recipients. She is also the co-lead of the Canadian National Transplant Research Program (CNTRP) POSITIVE study, which focuses on children and adolescents with solid organ transplants. Within the POSITIVE study, Dr. Foster leads a Canadian national cohort study to identify care processes and structures that promote better adherence among young solid organ transplant recipients. This study is unique in that it includes both pediatric and adult transplant programs. She also has extensive experience conducting studies using large databases such as the United States Renal Data Systems database and the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients.

At the McGill University Health Centre, Dr. Foster is the Associate Director of the Centre for Innovative Medicine, which provides investigators with the infrastructure and personnel to conduct patient-oriented research. She is also a member of the Child Health Research Advisory committee. At McGill University, Dr. Foster teaches epidemiology to both graduate and medical students, and renal physiology to medical students.

naziaNazia Selzner

University of Toronto, University Health Network
Toronto, ON

Dr. Nazia Selzner is a Transplant Hepatologist, Medical Director of Live Donor Liver Transplant at the Multi-Organ Transplant Program, University Health Network, and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto. She is Scientist at the Institute for Medical Science (IMS) as well as at the Toronto General Research Institute (TGRI).

Dr. Selzner graduated from Medical School at the University of Paris VII, France and completed her Gastroenterology training and a Clinical Fellowship in Transplantation Hepatology. She obtained her PhD in 2003 at the University of Paris VII, France, after four years of research fellowship at Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC and at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Dr. Selzner’s clinical responsibilities include assessment and evaluation of potential recipients and care of liver transplant recipients pre- and post-liver transplantation in Toronto. Her research interest is the mechanism of ischemia/reperfusion injury of the liver including mechanisms of reperfusion injury in diseased livers, such as fatty or aging livers. Dr. Selzner is focused on basic and translational studies on Ex Vivo Liver perfusion. 

ProsantoChoudhury.jpegProsanto Chaudhury

McGill University
Montreal, QC

Dr Chaudhury joined the Department of Surgery of McGill University in July 2007 after completing Fellowship training in Transplantation and HPB both at McGill and at Northwestern University in Chicago. He received my Master’s degree in Evidence-based Health Care from the University of Oxford in the Fall of 2007. Since His return, his clinical activities have been based at the Royal Victoria Hospital and have centered on the treatment of complex hepato-pancreato-biliary oncology and organ transplantation. He is currently cross-appointed to the departments of Surgery and Oncology as Associate Professor.

He has been an actively involved with both the Liver and Kidney pancreas committees of Transplant Quebec, and has been an on-call medical director with Transplant Quebec since 2008. Dr. Chaudhury has active interest in the use and outcomes of organs from DCD donors and has helped roll out DCD donation in Quebec. He was appointed Medical Director-Transplantation at Transplant Quebec in November of 2016. Dr Chaudhury has also been a longstanding member of the Canadian Liver Transplant Network and currently serves as its vice-president.

He has served the CST in several roles over the years, participating in the Standards Committee, the Annual Scientific Meeting Committee (chair and co-chair), and the leading practice guidelines committee.


sachaSacha DeSerres

Laval University
Montreal, QC

Sacha De Serres received his MD from the University of Montreal, followed by FRCPC in Internal Medicine and Nephrology at Laval University. He then completed a 3-year Research Fellowship in transplant immunology at the Brigham and Women's Hospital and received a Master of Epidemiology from Harvard School of Public Health. He is currently Associate Professor of Medicine at Laval University and Nephrologist and CHU de Québec.

At the national level, he served as Chair of the 2018 joint CST-CBS-CNTRP-CBMTG Transplant Summit Scientific Committee, and as Chair of the CST Research Committee from 2015 to 2017. At the international level, he has been elected as Executive Member of American Society of Transplantation Transplant Diagnostic Committee for a 2-year term, from 2016 to 2018. He also served as a member of the AST Transplantation and Immunology Research Network Scientific Committee from 2015 to 2018.

His research program focuses on cell-based assays to identify over-immunosuppression and on the mechanisms of antibody-mediated rejection. Since 2011, he has received continuous funding from different agencies including Kidney Foundation of Canada, CIHR, CFI and FRQS. He currently holds a CIHR project grant as principal investigator and is co-chair holder of the Nephrology Research Chair at Laval University.