Donation Group

Chair: Vacant

The Donation group is committed to the advancement of organ and tissue donation practice in Canada and our purpose is:

  1. To provide leadership and attend to national issues in donation.
  2. Create a platform for members to share knowledge promote professional development and education to advance the practice of members.
  3. Influence the effectiveness, quality and integrity of donation.
  4. Advocate for organ and tissue donors and their families.
  5. Lead in the advancement of organ and tissue donation internationally by participating and  cooperating with like minded international organizations.

To this end, a group of professionals who have an interest in organ and tissue donation and transplantation will meet regularly to discuss and address issues important to this purpose which shall include but not be limited to; clinical practice, research, education, ethical and social/advocacy issues related to donation. 


  • Membership shall be comprised of health-care professionals who are members in good standing of the Canadian Society of Transplantation.
  • Donation Professionals involved in organ and tissue donation (clinical, administrative, research, advocacy, professional and public education)

Become a member of the Donation Group of the CST:

1. If you are an existing CST Member, login to your CST Profile and update your CST Group preferences by selecting Donation or send an email  to be added as a member of the Donation Group

2. If you are a non-CST Member, Join the CST and upon registration indicate that you wish to be a member of the Donation Group.