2024 Pediatric Transplant Trainee Research Award Application

One of the missions of the CST Pediatric Group is to encourage trainee participation in clinical and basic science research in the field of pediatric transplantation.


  • Eligible candidates are trainees in the field of pediatric transplantation, at the undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate levels. Medical students, medical and surgical residents and fellows, basic scientists in training, and allied health trainees are encouraged to apply.
  • Applicants must be members of the CST (Trainee membership fee is $50)
  • Applicants’ research supervisor must be a current member of the CST (though does not need to be a pediatric member)
  • Abstract must have pediatric relevance


  • The abstract must be organized in a structured format with sections for Background, Methods, Results and Conclusion and may not exceed 300 words in total.
  • Do NOT include institutions in the abstract title, body or in the attachments to ensure a blinded review process.
  • Prior to submission, the abstract submitter must ensure the abstract and all contents, including attachments fit on a single 8.5 x 11 page size.
  • Minimum font size allowance is: 10 point.
  • Minimum Margin allowance is: Top 1", Bottom: 0.5", Left: 1", Right: 1"


  • Submit your abstract via the 2024 CST Annual Scientific Meeting abstract system.
  • Up to a total of three (3) Figures, Images, Tables and/or Charts may be included in JPEG, PDF or PNG format.
  • Each image, figure, table and/or chart must be legible.
  • Each file size cannot exceed more than 3 Megabytes per file.

Application Deadline May 22, 2024

Residency Type
 Internal Medicine
Allied Health
 Post Graduate
Yes No
Is the Trainee a CST member?
Is the Research Supervisor a CST Member?
Research Category
 Clinical    Basic Science