CDTRP Research Innovation Grant Competition

Since 2013, the Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program (CDTRP) has supported research and innovation that addresses barriers within the fields of donation and transplantation, with the ultimate goal of advancing long-term health outcomes and quality of life for Canadian transplant patients.

Through strategic partnerships with several key partners across Canada, the CDTRP has sustained a commitment to research and development within the transplant scientific community through the continued launch of the CDTRP Research Innovation Grant Competitions. This collaborative effort between the CDTRP and our partners is intended to seed new and innovative pilot projects in the transplant and donation field.

CDTRP Support for Research

The CDTRP supports researchers on their journey to high quality research and funding in these areas:

  • Economic, Legal, Ethics and Social Analysis
  • Patient, Family, Donor Research Partnerships
  • Clinical Trial Design and Support Services
  • Trainee Support
  • Biomarker, Immune Monitoring and Artificial Intelligence 
  • Management resources and small meeting 
  • Communication and Knowledge Translation 

Please send your support requests at least two weeks before the deadline.

Please submit one form for each grant application.

Learn more on the CDTRP Support for Research website.