2017 CST-CTRMS Joint Scientific Meeting Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • The abstract submissions open February 24, 2017 and will close on June 19th, 11:59:59PM ET. (Only Open to CTRMS)
  • There is no fee for submitting an abstract.
  • All abstracts are to be received electronically. Paper or faxed submissions will not be accepted.
  • Each abstract submitter must have an existing CST member profile or if a non-CST Member, create a Guest account to submit an abstract.
    Note: If you submitted an abstract to the 2016 Scientific Meeting, you may use the same abstract account to submit for 2017.
  • The abstract submitter will be considered as the primary author of the abstract.
  • Submissions from Trainees, must include Supervisor's name and Supervisor's email address.
  • It is the responsibility of the submitter to proofread the abstract submission and correct any errors prior to the abstract close date.
  • An abstract submission may be revised online up until the abstract close date.
  • Once the abstract deadline has passed, all requests for withdrawal must be submitted in writing by email to admin@cst-transplant.ca no later than June 30, 2017.

Abstract Formatting

  • Co-Authors' first name, last name and affiliation must be provided.
  • The abstract must be organized in a structured format with sections for Background, Methods, Results and Conclusion and may not exceed 300 words in total.
  • Do NOT include institutions in the abstract title, body or in the attachments to ensure a blinded review process.
  • Prior to submission, the abstract submitter must ensure the abstract and all contents, including attachments fit on a single 8.5 x 11 page size.
  • Minimum font size allowance is: 10 point
  • Minimum Margin allowance is: Top 1”, Bottom: 0.5”, Left: 1”, Right: 1”

File Attachments

  • Up to a total of three (3) Figures, Images, Tables and/or Charts may be included in JPEG, PDF or PNG format.
  • Each image, figure, table and/or chart must be legible.
  • Each file size cannot exceed more than 3 Megabytes per file.


Note: Ensure to populate the Organization field, in your user profile, as this will be used as your Affiliation information BEFORE you create your Abstract. This information is automatically transferred to the Abstract system at the time of abstract creation.