Août 6 - 14, 2015


August 6, 2015

Dear CST Member:

I am writing to request self-nominations and notify you that the Canadian Society of Transplantation is holding an election for Board members and the Executive on October 9th, 2015 for the period 2015-2017.  There will be an annual general meeting of the membership in Vancouver on this date.

The positions for election are: nine (9) Board Directors including a President and Vice-President; as well as, a Secretary and a Treasurer. Below is a brief description of each position. All Board positions are up for election. Please contact any current Board member or the CST Office for additional information.

A candidate must meet the following criteria:

  1. Full Member in good standing
  2. Supported by five (5) other Full Members

To submit a self-nomination, all of the following items must be submitted to the CST Office by email to by August 14th, 2015:

  1. Submit your name along with a statement of intent to be nominated and signed endorsements from the five (5) supporting Full Members
  2. A photograph
  3. A 500 word (max) biographical sketch
  4. A history of CST Service Note: this item is separate for the biosketch

Note: Associate members may become full members by paying the required fees and this way they acquire voting privileges.

All of the candidates will be combined on one slate for election. The slate of candidates for election will be circulated to the members of the CST on August 28th, 2015. CST full members will be able to vote for these candidates by electronic ballot from August 28th to October 9th, 2015 until the final call for electronic ballot is made at the AGM.

The final votes will be tallied and the names of the elected candidates announced at the close of the CST AGM.

The CST Board looks forward to a vigorous democratic process and a high turn-out for this vote!  Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.


Ian Alwayn, CST Secretary

Canadian Society of Transplantation 


Canadian Society of Transplantation - Director Descriptions

Board composition

The Board consists of nine (9) elected Directors and Officers who are appointed to perform specific roles. The nine Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting for a term of two years and are the only Board members entitled to vote on the Board. The five Officers of the Board under the By-laws are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President. The Office of Past President is not elected as a Director and is acclaimed in a non-voting capacity. The Offices of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are all put to the membership for a vote, and are appointed to these positions following the election by the Directors. The President and Vice President must also be elected as Directors to be elected to their Offices. The Offices of Secretary and Treasurer have typically been held by elected Directors, but these Offices may also be filled by appointment (non-voting) to serve on the Board. Additional Officers that are appointed by the Board include Liaison to the Associate Members, Liaison to the Critical Care members and the Chair of the CST Council (Council consists of leaders of each CST Group).

The current Board consists 13 members: nine elected Directors (including the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), the past President, the Associate Members Liaison Officer, the Critical Care Donation Specialist Liaison Officer, and the Chair of Council (vacant).


Board members must attend regular teleconferences (monthly) and 2-3 face-to-face meetings each year to conduct the business of the Society. A minimum of 2/3 attendance is required at all Board meeting. Board members may also provide leadership on committees and new initiatives, and should be available to consult on short notice with the rest of the Board as needs arise.

President (two-year term, non-renewable)

The President is chair of the CST Board, and leads the Society on behalf of the membership. The President is responsible for maintaining the strategic direction of the Society and orienting the Board to fulfilling its mission and goals; leading the development of new policies and programs; presiding over the Annual General Meeting; representing the Society and speaking on behalf of the Board and membership; and acting in the best interests of the organization. The President assumes a Board Director position in the election.

Vice President (two-year term, non-renewable)

The Vice President is a principal consultant and advisor to the President; in the absence of the President, acts as Chair of the CST Board and assumes the roles and responsibilities of the President. The Vice President is the principal liaison to the CST Council of CST Group leaders; and act in the best interests of the organization. The Vice President must be re-elected in order to become President at the end of his/her term in Office. The Vice President assumes a Board Director position in the election.

Secretary (two-year term, renewable)

The Secretary is an Executive Officer and advisor to the President. The Secretary is responsible for effective communication with the membership; providing notice for Board and member meetings; supervising record keeping including agenda, minutes and other documentation for meetings; conducting elections; upholding the bylaws and policies of the Society; and acting in the best interests of the organization. A Secretary/Treasurer position may be filled by an elected Board Director or by a non-Board Director.

Treasurer (two-year term, renewable)

The Treasurer is an Executive Officer and advisor to the President. The Treasurer is responsible for the keeping the finances and financial planning for the Society; verifying adequate financial controls; preparing the annual budget; providing the Board with financial statements and audits; acting in the best interests of the organization; and ensuring that the “not-for-profit” status of the Society is protected. A Secretary/Treasurer position may be filled by an elected Board Director or by a non-Board Director.

Board Directors (two-year term, renewable)

Board Directors represent the membership in the process of decision-making for the Board and participate in the implementation of the goals and objectives of the Society. As Board members, they must act first in the best interests of the organization. Directors are responsible for overseeing the business of the Society; approving budgets and major expenditures; appointing committee members; and setting the strategic direction of the Society.